Instructions for proofreading sample work

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Read all the below instructions carefully to complete your Proofreading sample work process accurately and successfully.

  • Read it backwards to focus on the spelling of words.
  • Read it upside down to focus on typology.
  • When you find one error, be aware that you may find a cluster of errors nearby.
  • Watch for words that are commonly misused, misspelled, or sound similar but have different meanings (e.g., except/accept, moral/morale, intense/intensive).
  • Allow some time between writing and proofreading so you can look at the document with fresh eyes.
  • Always proofread one last time before you print or send a document.
  • We suggest to you use a spell checker program, a software tool that allows writers to check their spelling, when you write on the computer.

Spell Check programme and software can do the following:
Identify misspelled words, Find double occurrences of words, Identify double capital letters at the beginning of a word, Identify when a small letter precedes a capital letter, Accommodate additions to the dictionary of unusual words you commonly use.

Preparing yourself to proof or edit
  • Write at the end of the day; edit first thing in the morning. (Usually, getting some sleep in between helps.)
  • Anything that can relieve your mind of some of the pressure, while allowing you to still keep focused, is a benefit.
  • Don't use fluorescent lighting when proofing. The flicker rate is actually slower than standard lighting. Your eyes can't pick up inconsistencies as easily under fluorescent lighting.
  • Spend a half-hour a month reviewing grammar rules.
  • Read something else between edits. This helps clear your head of what you expect to read and allows you to read what really is on the page.
  • Make a list of things to watch for—a kind of "to do" list—as you edit.

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