Instructions for offline typing sample work

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Offline typing work file will provide to you in format of image file. From this file the client will manually type the contents in MS word document as same in the image file with following the specification given.

Read the instructions carefully :
  • MS Word Paper Size A4 (Width : 8.27 - Height : 11.69)
  • Margins : Top- 1” Bottom – 1” Left – 1.25” Right – 1.25”
  • Gutter 0” Gutter Position : Left
  • Orientation: Portrait
  • Multiple Pages : Normal
  • Header – 0.5” & Footer – 0.5”
  • Font : Times New Roman
  • Font Size: Normal 12
  • Heading : 14
  • As per Jpg files, maintain underlines, Bold, Italic
  • The Paragraph indent should be 0.25”. Don’t use Tab for making paragraph indent.
  • No Color Text
  • Table should be made as per Jpg files.
  • Table font size should be same as per normal font size: 12
  • Between Headlines and paragraph, one line space should be there.
  • Single or double paragraph indent should be as per jpg file.
  • If any character like ã, ç, é, - You can use normal alphabet like a, c, e etc.
  • If there will be any image, diagram, only mention its image, diagram No.
  • After, (Coma) give one Space. And after. (Full Stop) give two space.
  • Use Manual Numbering, don’t use Bullet.
  • For column page, please use column facility, don’t use Tab for making two column.
  • All the text as on given JPG or JPEG file.

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